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Minute to Minute 5-23

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Present:  Brad, Carey Jo, Cyndie, Debbie, Linda, RitaCatherine, Sandy

Absent:  Curtis, James, Marina, Vince

Referrals:  1 Inside, 3 Outside.   Generated – $52.

Speaker:  No speaker.                                                                                                                            Due to the fact there was not a speaker, we had a group discussion of “policies and procedures” that should be identified and addressed.  In particular, we discussed if a member should have only one business to represent… or, if there’s another type of business the member wishes to represent, should they pay an additional monthly membership fee in order to discuss that business?  It was encouraged that members not bounce back-and-forth between businesses as it does not help other LBBR members retain a tight image of the product or service we are to convey to others in order to find you referrals. Another idea is to find a colleague to represent that other business.  Credibility is strengthened and evident when you are focused on one service that you are proud of and committed to.  When a member speaks consistently about their service, we tend to remember what is said, and therefore more able to represent you and your product to others with added confidence.

It was also discussed that during the meeting, it is okay to address special events that are directly connected to our business.  All other invitations and personal announcements are welcome after our last 30-second “commercial” during a time we call Other Announcements.  It is suggested that these be short, one-sentence announcements where then, interested individuals can see you afterwards for more information.  This way, it is not taking time from legitimate business, and people can return to work immediately following our meeting.

Next speaker — Curtis?

June dues are due!

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Sandy cannot make Thursday’s meeting, 5/30.

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