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Melaleuca EcoSense Gives You a Clean Beyond Laundry, Dishes, Floors and Tubs.

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IN 1958, Procter & Gamble’s “Mr. Clean” debuted on television in Pittsburgh. Within years, TV ads featuring cleaning products had taken over the airwaves, touting everything from dish detergents to floor cleaners. Since that time, millions of dollars have been spent on TV advertisements for cleaning products alone, with brands competing for traction in a competitive marketplace. But many—if not most—of those brands made huge sacrifices in quality and conscience for the allure of a low price. Yvette Zona, an Executive Director VII from Minnesota, knows this firsthand. When she attended a Delivering Wellness presentation and enrolled with Melaleuca in 1998, she was more determined than ever to rid her home of harmful chemicals. “Not long after we enrolled, I went through my shelves and cupboards and pulled out every cleaner and soap I could find that wasn’t Melaleuca and placed it in a cardboard box,” Yvette says. “I walked out to the street and set that box on the curb, right next to the trash can. I was so glad to be rid of all those cleaners.” With her home free of caustic chemicals, Yvette got back to building her business. But when she went out the next morning to bring in the trash, she saw something that surprised her. “There was my cardboard box, still full of cleaners and soaps, sitting on the curb,” Yvette remembers. “And the trash collector had left a note on the box that said, ‘Toxic waste, will not pick up.’ That’s when it really hit home to me; those chemicals were so harmful, the trash truck wouldn’t even take them!” With that, Yvette took her box of old cleaners to a proper waste collection site, where she could finally be finished with them. And that’s when she started sharing her Melaleuca story with everyone she met. Yvette Zona Before much longer, two of Yvette’s enrollees had  experiences with EcoSense that further solidified her belief in the products. “Within weeks of each other, both of these mothers—one in Minnesota, the other in Massachusetts—had toddlers get into the dishwashing detergent under their sink,” Yvette says. “I was horrified. Then, I realized they hadn’t gotten into one of the leading brands; they’d gotten into Diamond Brite®. They were completely fine.” With stories like these Yvette helped potential customers connect the dots for their own families. “These two mothers called and thanked me for sharing Melaleuca with them,” Yvette says. “I can only imagine what could’ve happened if their toddlers had ingested store-bought products. Children are seriously injured every year because they swallow harsh chemicals that people leave around the house.” Our Goal At Melaleuca, our goal is to provide highly effective products with minimal environmental impact using the best of science and nature. Whenever possible we look for safer, natural formulas that are as effective or better than harsh, harmful chemicals. Our formulation methods give our products a competitive edge and give you peace of mind. Becoming a Melaleuca customer and purchasing Melaleuca products like EcoSense are the easiest and best decisions you can make to help protect the environment inside and outside your home. EcoSense provides you and your environment with benefits beyond a clean tub, fresh clothes and sparkling dishes. Your Home You and your family deserve to live in a clean home...

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Buy One Get One Free! ends 4/14

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Buy One Get One Free! Purchase one full priced GloLite by PartyLite® Jar, get one free. Limited time offer online only, ends 4/14. Sorry orders attached to a Party are not eligible.​ Buy Now Sandy IrvineMore Posts -...

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We are celebrating National Move for Health month at Chiropractic Massage & Nutrition  for the first three Saturdays in May at Liberty Park, off Studebaker between South Street and Del Amo Ave.  Please join us at 8 A.M.  We meet at the children’s play area in front of the track. RitaCatherine KnightMore Posts -...

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