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Long Beach Business Referrals

New Member Letter


Welcome and thank you for considering Long Beach Business Referrals as your networking choice.  We are very excited to get to know you and your business and have you get to know us.  Please read the following guidelines, sign below and return along with your 1st month’s fee.  This membership application will be reviewed and you will be contacted regarding our decision.


Our Purpose  The purpose of our group is to give and receive referrals.  In order to do this effectively it is important that you attend meetings regularly, get to know each member and their business, and help us to get to know you and your business.


Attendance  Please keep absences to a minimum.  No more than 12 per year.  You may send someone to stand in for you to prevent an absence.  This person should know your business well enough to promote it and to pass referrals and thank you’s for you.  If you are absent for 3 weeks in a row you will be taken off the speaker rotation and your category becomes available for new members until you return and attend 4 consecutive weeks.


Monthly Fee  A $40 monthly fee is charged to each member to cover our room costs.  You will receive lunch.  Any excess fee will go into a fund to help cover the cost of mixers and any other events we plan.  This fee is monthly, due at the first meeting of the month, and not based on your attendance.


30 second Commercial  You will be given two opportunities to promote your business each week through a 30 second commercial.


10 minute Presentation  On a rotating basis you will be given the opportunity to give a

10 minute talk about your business.  We usually have two speakers each meeting.


Referrals  You will have an opportunity each meeting to give members referrals for business from yourself and people you know.  Please be sure to have complete information about your referral such as name, business name, phone number, and reason for the referral.


Thank You’s  Thank You’s are given when you receive money for a referral given to you by any LBBR member.  This also includes continuing business (using a LBBR member’s service or product more than once) and any referral you receive from an original referral by a member (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., generation referrals).  You will thank the member by putting their name on the Thank You form (passed around during the meeting) and the amount of income it generated.


Exclusivity  We only allow one business from each category to join our group.  You will have exclusivity once you join and will make any decisions about new members if their business conflicts with yours.


We look forward to watching your business grow!



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